The French Bedroom Company In The Pink…

I am looking at the beautiful website of The French Bedroom Company and today I’m certainly wearing my rose coloured specs. I always find something to wow me there and with these lovely photos I certainly have a big case of room envy. Those of you who are familiar with my website will know that every so often I can’t resist a touch (or more) of pink! Well you won’t be disappointed with these…

fbc chablis-and-roses-sofa_2

This ‘chablis and roses pink velvet sofa’ had me hooked when I first saw the name never mind the sofa. Isn’t it just fabulous? The word plush comes to mind and the beautiful colour works so well with white and grey in this stunning room setting. I love the way the little doggie is reflected in the mirror and oh la la that chandelier!

fbc zoomsugar-shelves_pink_b

This French style shelf is both beautifully decorative with a touch of shabby chic and yes I know that it’s cream but it does have some pink on the inside which is decorated with damask wallpaper. Is that enough to make you happy as it is or would you add a few more pink accessories?  I would personally like this in the bathroom with my favourite perfumes and a collection of perfume bottles on display.

fbc the-sacre-coeur-pink-velvet-bed-b_1


And if you’re looking for perfect pink in the bedroom, then just look at this stunning ‘Sacre Coeur bed?  It has a hand carved, gilt, mahogany frame, covered by blush pink velvet upholstery. It certainly takes centre stage in this white bedroom setting complemented by a beautiful pink chandelier. Now perhaps you can see why I like some pink in the home. Do you have a favourite home colour?



French style bed with a modern twist

Antoinette King Size Bed in Herringbone - with FootboardAntoinette King Size Bed in Herringbone – with Footboard

When I was kooking for French style sofas, I came across this fabulous bed ensemble from Graham & Green. Don’t you think that it’s very clever how this French style bed has been beautifully complimented by copper fronted bedside tables and modern copper lamps. Hats off to whoever thought of this! For me it works really well. So very often we are looking for French style accessories to show off the beds but not in this case (unless you count the ‘Amour neon lighting’!).

French style sofas with oodles of style

Sofa so good! I’ve been trying to ease my way back to normal, everyday life (whatever that is) after the holiday season. I know that some of you have been rushed off your feet while others (like me) have probably sat down a bit too long. Perhaps that now gives me a good excuse to look at French style sofas.

Chateau Grey Velvet 3 Seat Sofa

This Chateau style Sofa from Graham & Green has oodles of style with lovely grey velvet upholstery. I know that rgere are three seats but very selfishly I would like them all to myself. I think the word I’m looking for is sprawled! Designed with both style and comfort in mind, I think it’s tempting you to relax a little longer than you probably should!

oka sofa

The Cumulus sofa from OKA Direct has an absolutely beautiful shape with a curvy scalloped back and fluted scrolling arms, bringing a touch of Parisian style. The distressed whitewashed wooden frame means it would equally be at home with a shabby chic bedroom, dressing room or boudoir.

Louis Square Love Seat in Stripe

I just couldn’t leave out this Louis Square Love Seat also from Graham & Green I think that this would bring a very classy look to update a conservatory. I know it’s not exactly a sofa but I was sold at the linen cover. Would you call this a seat or a sofa?




An Angel At My Table – Candelabras

angel decadence

I found this gorgeous selection of candelabras (or is it just candelabra) on the lovely website An Angel At My Table . Dressed up with pretty shades or left to dazzle without, they are certain to brighten up the day (and night!).

The Decadence candelabra lamps are very aptly named with gilded stems and plenty of gorgeous cut crystals dripping down. The large one looks very grand but I have my eye on the smaller one. I know just where to show it off at it’s best! Continue Reading