Gorgeous Grey French Provence Style Furniture


Not everything at the The White Company is white! Their Provence style furniture is painted in a beautiful grey that truly enhances the unique design and style of this lovely collection. I love the versatility of the armoire and wardrobe, the antique look of the lamp and the beautiful cane top and toe of the bed.

white co armour

Provence armoire

The only problem that I have with the armoire is in which room to put it as it is so versatile. It would make a stunning linen cupboard especially if filled with pretty floral quilts, monogrammed white sheets, lacy pillowcases and plump spare pillows. On the other hand I love the way that it has been filled with hanging mugs, kitchen utensils, tea cloths and everyday china for kitchen or dining room as shown in the above photo. Either way why not leave the doors open to show everything off.

white co wardrobe

Provence wardrobe

I’m always a softie for a curved edge on any furniture and this French vintage style wardrobe has lovely curves and decorative carvings as well. Hand made and hand painted by craftsmen there’s a lovely textured  finished  to it. In a soft grey colour this wardrobe has brass handles that have been cast in the traditional lost-wax method – a quality technique that dates back hundreds of years -adding to its unique look.

wc lamp

Provence lamp

I think that I could always find a place for this lovely candlestick with its beautiful slim shape and weighty bottom – a bit like me! Well the weighty bottom bit is probably right! It has been finished in a special powder paint to give a French antique look. Perfect with the oval cotton lampshade.

wc bed

Provence bed

It’s the lovely grey cane headboard and footboard that attracts me to this French Provence style bed. Looks good in lots of different room settings. I love the way that this one has been dressed with both plain and pretty floral bed coverings. And if you are not a fan of grey this bed also comes in white.

For more French Provence style furniture why not take a look at the side table, console table and heat of drawers – all from The White Company

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