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The French Bedroom Company always have so many beautiful things and I never have a problem finding something to write about. This time I have found not just one but FIVE pieces of fabulousness in the shape of these lovely throws.

I’ve put my favourite one at the top – the Ice Queen Throw.  A look of pure luxury in a gorgeous silvery colour.  It’s probably worth buying a chaise just to drape this throw over it!

The white cotton ‘Pom Pom’ throw in the second photo looks so fresh, crisp and clean and the extra large size makes it perfect to drape across the bed. (There’s also a lovely cream Pom Pom throw available).

It’s worth running your mouse over the image of the pink and cream Herringbone blanket on The French bedroom Company website to appreciate the delicate pattern. A great piece especially to add a splash of colour to an otherwise white or cream room decor.

My second most favourite is the Axell’s Pretty Throw – mainly because of the beautiful slate grey colour. It looks so soft and snug – like a cosy warm hug!

Doesn’t the last image look so delicate? The aptly named Pearly Queen throw looks fabulous just placed on a footstool and topped with a couple of faux flowers. It’s positioned just right to show off the pretty little row of pearls.

Five beautiful throws. Do you have a favourite?

The French Bedroom Company


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