Spring has not quite sprung…

The spring has sprung but where’s the sun? He’s hiding in the sky.

Too frightened to come show his face and here’s the reason why. 

The rainclouds want to be top dog. They’ve plenty to outpour.

They’re very sad with heavy heads and full of tears what’s more.

They have no way of feeling fine til all the drops have gone.

The sun will watch and bide his time. His chance to shine ‘fore long.

I’ll keep a watch on all these things whilst settled in this chair.

And when the weather is much better don’t worry I’ll be there!

Houseology Collection Parisian Chaise Longue With Arms from OKA Direct

A Pop Of Green For 2017

Enya Relaxing Chair

A pop of green for 2017 – or for any other year come to think of it. Actually I’ll let you into a secret – it’s turquoise velvet!  This beautiful Enya Relaxing Chair from Graham & Green is a fabulous colour whch ever way you look at it and stands out as something very special. I could easily relax and unwind in this chair in the afternoons,  planning for the future and dreaming of great things. Well they do say that green is a relaxing colour so why not? If green is the colour of the year, is this the chair of the year? What do you think?

French Style Design Furniture With A Twist

French style design furniture with a twist – literally!

I always love to see beautiful modern furniture pieces that have been inspired by the designs of the past. Great imagination and artistic flair can achieve something truly stunning that fits in beautifully with modern trends. Inspiration for this Nicky Haslam collection has been taken from French eighteenth century design. All of the pieces are made from ‘weathered acacia’ and upholstered in 100% natural linen. All are available from OKA Direct.

oka nh1
Cordon Bois Stool

These cordon bois stools (what a great name!) with lovely twisted rope detail are part of this collection.  Such a great idea to place two at the end of the bed – useful and of course very stylish. Easy to lift one at a time for cleaning purposes and if you want to ring the changes, just rearrange them.


oka nh
Cordon Bois Ottoman

If the stools don’t appeal to you then there is always the trusty ottoman. Same twisted rope frame and natural linen upholstery but used here as a fabulous feature in the living room. I think this one needs to be seen rather than being tucked away in a bedroom. What do you think?
oka nh3
Cordon Bois Armchair
These armchairs are just stunning. One on its own would look great in the bedroom and two placed either side of a stylish table in the hall or living room would look simply majestic. The beautiful coloured cushions (which are not included) certainly set them off a treat.  Never mind a twist in the tale, we now have a twist in the legs!

French Bistro Garden Furniture

Today I’m looking at French bistro garden furniture. (I’m also looking out of the window and it’s starting to rain!) Never mind. Perhaps these garden lovelies from French company Fermob will bring out the sunshine. They can all be found online at The White Company

white bistro table
Folding bistro table

Now here’s a great place to start.  A folding table that is large enough to seat four people when needed yet plenty of room just for two, or even lots of space for me, my morning coffee and the newspapers.

white hanging chair
Hanging chair

I could probably spend a lot of time in the garden if this chair was waiting for me. Just hanging around not doing very much. Mind you finding a suitable branch or beam to hang it from might be a bit more of a challenge.

white chairs2

Folding bistro chairs

How about being able to hang up your bistro chairs when not in use? Love the idea but as much as I like it, I know that I wouldn’t be able to balance the books with a plant on top. Not to worry these chairs fold up anyway so probably a much easier way to store.

Fermob are French master craftsmen of boutique garden furniture. The table and chairs have a matt powder coating with anti-corrosion treatments to protect against scratching and rusting – French bistro garden furniture that’s very pleasing to the eye.